New Home Buyers

Step by Step

Every home loan is different – and so is every home buyer. That is why Mountain State Financial Group offers new home buyers a personalized approach to loan acquisition. Whether you would like a loan to purchase your very first home, a refinance which would reduce your interest rate or consolidate your debt, or a more specialized mortgage product, you can count on us to tailor the perfect solution for your unique needs.

1. Determine the right home loan for you
2. Apply for a home loan

Note – companies pay money to find out when people have had their credit pulled. They will solicit you with suspicious offers.
Note – do not change spending and buying habits, talk to your loan officer before making out of the ordinary transactions

3. Review loan estimate and sign the initial disclosures

4. Collect required documentation in a timely manner, submit loan
5. Get conditionally approved

Sometimes you won’t have to do anything at this stage, sometimes you will need to collect more documents

6. Wait for title work and the appraisal to be completed
7. Address any final conditions
8. Schedule a closing date
9. Review the closing disclosure
10. Close the loan



Your first mortgage is crucial to your future financial success. Place your trust in an experienced mortgage partner who always keeps your best interests in mind! Home loans are not cookie cutter, which is why we will review with you such things as how long you expect to live in the home, the current interest rates available, and the closing costs to determine which mortgage solution provides the lowest total cost to you during your expected time in that home. We exclusively work alongside reputable financial companies. We carefully supervise the loan process and communicate regularly with our client to ensure all conditions are met before the closing date arrives. That is how we make certain you won’t meet any unwelcome surprises at the closing table.

New Home Buyer

Low down payment conventional programs starting with as little as 3% down for qualified buyers

FHA programs starting at 0% down

Low down payment programs are great, but did you know you will then have to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?

PMI is insurance you pay to protect the bank in the event of foreclosure,
Call to learn more about the pros & cons of PMI.


The largest closing cost is usually the title work. The title work protects you to ensure the home you buy does not have pre-existing liens and unpaid taxes.

The next largest closing cost is usually the appraisal. The appraisal is performed by an independent expert who assigns a value on the home. The appraiser’s valuation protects you and the bank from making an unwise purchase.

Do you know you will need to set up and pay into an escrow?

The escrow manages and pays your home insurance and property taxes.

The escrow functions to help you manage monthly payments and mitigates risk for the lender.

Begin your search for your first home the right way. Call today to partner with one of our experienced mortgage professionals!

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