Experienced Home Buyers

You are an experienced home buyer. You know the ins and outs of real estate transactions, and you have very likely developed a home loan strategy which works well for you. It is perfectly understandable if you don’t wish to change the way you buy – but you always welcome input that could make your next home mortgage even better.

Your experience is precisely why you appreciate the importance of working with a mortgage partner you can trust. Even if you have purchased 100 homes in the past, you’ll still find Mountain State Financial Group’s industry-leading approach to mortgages of immense value while you’re buying your 101st and we’ll make your next home loan your best one to date!

  • Upsizing – Are you planning on moving to a larger home? Let our mortgage experts determine how you can best leverage the equity you built in your existing home into purchasing your next one.
  • Downsizing – Moving into a smaller home demands just as much attention to detail. Our team is standing by to consider your long-term goals as well as your unique financial situation while tailoring the ideal mortgage to suit them both.
  • Second Home – Do you intend to purchase a new home – while keeping your current one? Mountain State Financial Group offers a range of different mortgage solutions that will ensure you enjoy the best deal on both of your residences.
  • Investment HomeIf you would like to add a new investment property to your portfolio, achieving the best ROI demands that you start things off right by securing the most favorable mortgage terms. Our investor clients frequently rely on our expertise on 1031 exchanges while they avoid paying unnecessary taxes.
No home buyer is too experienced to go without a dedicated mortgage partner. Call us today and we’ll make your next closing your best one to date!

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