Would you like to take advantage of a better interest rate, consolidate all of your debt into one convenient loan, reduce your monthly payment amount or term, free up your cash for a life-changing purchase or match your mortgage payoff to your retirement date. If so then a mortgage refinance might be the right move for you!

When you refinance, you trade an existing debt obligation for a new one with more favorable terms. Determining whether refinancing is the best move in your unique situation can be difficult – just like the actual process of refinancing itself. But when you have Mountain State Financial Group’s decades of proven experience in the mortgage industry on your side, you’ll be able to make the wisest and safest refinancing decisions.

Visit with us if you’re thinking about refinancing. We will take the time to understand what you wish to accomplish, and then use that knowledge to research the best refinancing options for your unique situation – without having to pull your credit score.

Once we have done our homework, we will explain our findings in simple terms and then recommend the best course of action. Trust us to explain the relative merits of cash-out and no cash-out refinancing, calculate your projected closing costs and savings, make sense of escrow, and much more.

Whether we continue on to help you refinance or refer you to another professional who is more qualified to assist you, you will rest assured you’re navigating your refinance correctly. The rewards will be apparent for many years to come!

Make sense of refinancing. Call Mountain State Financial Group today!

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